Why SEO Is So Important

Posted by FullMotion on April 21, 2015

Many small to medium sized businesses may have only heard the 3 letter phrase SEO a few times and know absolutely nothing about it. Some don’t even know that a website has to do anything to appear in the search engines. Many don’t understand and many don’t care. There are many opportunities out there for all types of businesses to thrive using SEO techniques which can push them above their competition and increase their market share.

Some people believe that ‘SEO’ is a scam and that there is little or no added benefit to performing SEO on a website. This is a completely untrue believe that holds many business holders back from improving their lead acquisition online. Welsh SEO recently identified that there is a huge lack of knowledge in the SEO industry throughout South Wales. There is also the problem that there are many different rogue traders out there that will take your money and do no work whatsoever. Finding a reputable company such as SEO Essex, is paramount to ensuring that your money isn’t wasted and gets you the results that you require.


SEO should be considered to be one of the most important factors in pushing sales through the internet. It can be extremely cost effective and can end up providing huge returns on investment as the higher you rank, the more traffic you will gain. It was recently estimated that roughly 52% of all search traffic visits the top result for a search. That number then drops off to a measly 13% in second position. As you can probably already tell, being the number 1 position is hugely important to gaining extra visitors to your website and this is why SEO becomes so important. Huge ROIs can be achieved by moving up to the first position as your total visitors will spike massively. As a business providing say carpet cleaning, if the number of people hitting your website shoots up from 200 visitors per month to 800 visitors per month just from an increase to position 1, a lot more enquiries are going to come through, and overall your turnover will increase! Here is a great post from the Hoth that explains how to perform a simple onsite audit for your website, which won’t cost you anything!


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